Worden Physique - Clients - Kimberly York

NPC Megatron, 5th Place Bikini Masters 37+

“The power of believing in yourself can make you achieve any dream possible. In June 2016, I began talking to Toni Monique Ramirez-Worden about doing a fitness competition. I never considered competing and she said with a big smile YOU CAN DO IT! She not only transformed my body, but also my inner self. She was very supportive and patient while guiding me through the process. With her fitness competition experience, she related to the mental barriers that I would go through before and after competition. I followed Toni’s directions, trained hard, sacrificed, and gave it my all. I am not only grateful for Toni’s coaching that allowed me to place in my first competition, but also all the support she provided.” — Kimberly York