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If you are looking for a fun and challenging fitness class, try our small group training classes. These fast-paced workouts are 45 to 50 minutes long and combine high intensity cardio intervals with weight/resistance training. As a result, your heart rate will get to the burn zone!

You can take your fitness training to the next level as our Tucson personal trainers will push you to new heights. We are always expanding our knowledge base and learning the newest techniques. Because of this, you will never have to do the same workout twice–unless you really want to!

All memberships include open gym access.

Weekday Classes: 5/day

5am – 6am

6am – 7am

4pm – 5pm

5pm – 6pm

6pm – 7pm

Open Gym: 7am – 10am, 7pm – 9pm

Saturday Classes: 3/day

7am – 8am

8am – 9am

9am – 10am

Open Gym: 10am – 2pm


– Are reserved for personal training, special events, or a rest day!

Phone: 520-338-1420
4261 W Ina Rd #101, Tucson AZ 85741