Erik Valdez

Erik has been a personal trainer for 10 years now, however his experience and knowledge as a collegiate and professional athlete leave him with a unique set of qualifications to fit a variety of clients needs.

Erik began his career as a collegiate and professional soccer athlete, where he gained his certification as a NFHS certified soccer coach, and knowledge of sports-specific training. As he decided to pursue a career with more stability, he sought out education to increase the scope of service he could provide to a variety of clients.

As a result of his educational pursuits he is now a NSCA certified personal trainer with focus on anatomy and physiology, is a certified strength and conditioning coach, an ACE-certified Post orthopedic rehab specialist, and has his sports nutrition certificate.

Erik has a passion for helping his clients grow through challenging workouts tailored to each specific client and leads by example in his personal nutrition and training regimen. Whether you are prepping for a show, training for a sport, are just starting your fitness journey, or are rehabilitating from an injury, Erik is the trainer that can help you reach your goals. You can currently find Erik running the Tuesday and Thursday classes at Worden Physique, and is available for Personal Training by appointment.

To find out more about Erik and the services he offers: visit or contact him directly at or 520-403-4232.