At WP we believe that there is no strict exercise system or nutrition program that will work for everyone, every individual is unique. Understanding that no two bodies are the same, we will evaluate your diet and medical history in order to create a plan that will teach you how to meet and maintain your goals. Whether your goal is to cut for the stage, boost your physical performance levels, treat a medical condition, or simply learn how to make healthier food choices we can develop a customized nutrition program for you.

Our personal coaching begins with a 30 minute assessment, we will assess your diet, health history, lifestyle and goals! Then you can choose from one of the following:


Option 1: $25.00 for 30 minute consultation, $50.00 for a meal plan write up. No adjustments made.


Option 2: $125.00 for 1 month with biweekly adjustments and follow up. Consult and write-up included.

Option 3: $175.00 for 3 months of nutritional coaching. This will include the consult, write-up, monthly meetup for additional consulting and biweekly adjustments. BONUS: This option includes weekly weigh ins and monthly measurements!

Phone: 520-338-1420
4261 W Ina Rd #101, Tucson AZ 85741